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10 Sassy Aprons for Brides

The romance of yesterday where a new bride would tie on her apron right after the wedding may be gone, but the fun and feeling of that lifestyle is still cherished by many younger women yearning to be housewives. Los Angeles-based designer, Carolyn West has taken the homey appeal of the styles from the past and has updated them to create a knock-out look that modern brides really appreciate.

10 Cook’s Gifts: Top-Rated Favorites

Birthdays, anniversaries, or just because… all good reasons to consider buying a shiney new kitchen gadget for a deserving person in your life. The sensuous colors of our best-selling cook’s tools will elicit squeals of delight from whomever you choose to bless.

Save yourself time and money; do your gift-shopping online at Susannah’s {Kitchen} today. Or splurge a little, and buy something for yourself. Yes, you deserve it!

Recipe | Red Velvet Cheesecake

If you’re hosting a special event like a Christmas party or bridal shower, this outrageous red cheesecake will amaze your guests! You can cut and serve your dessert as traditional wedges, or bake individual mini-portions for a more personal touch. Dust with chocolate, red sprinkles or crumbs, and garnish with flowers from the table centerpiece or bride’s bouquet. You’ll make her special day completely unforgettable!

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